Kitchen Disasters When Renovating

Your kitchen needs to be perfect because it is the place in the house where the most activity takes place. In order to make the cooking time enjoyable and efficient, the kitchen needs to be classy. However, some common kitchen disasters during renovations can affect the look of the whole house and kitchen functionality. May be you are eyeing those beautiful shiny appliances at your nearest departmental store but they will look good only if you are going to update your kitchen in the right manner.


Some of the pitfalls that one should avoid while remodeling the kitchen are mentioned below:

Always plan your countertops wisely. Many people focus on the beauty of the kitchen while renovating it but the actual plan does not work because of lack of counter space. To make your life easy it is best if you have enough space to work in kitchen. The number of countertops you need can be determined by the size of the family, the amount of activity, traffic inflow and your budget.

You need to evaluate the purpose of the kitchen. For some people, kitchen is just a cooking area while for others it is also a dining area.  If you are planning to cook and serve meals in kitchen, it is better that you should have an unobstructed path from cooking area to serving area. After all, no one likes to trip over with their hard cooked meals in hand. For rest of the space the golden triangle rule applies where you need to arrange the fridge, the sink and the cooking area in triangular shape to ensure convenience.

Another pitfall is lack of storage. The kitchen has its value because it is able to store all your ugly appliances behind the artistic cabinet doors and that surely increases the kitchen’s visual appeal. If you lack storage space in your kitchen it would be hell. Every time you need a fryer or a waffle pan you have to go to your store or garage and that can be frustrating all due to lack of storage.

Focus on lighting, a good light can bring life to an ordinary place. Mostly people think that if they have planned their general lighting wisely, it is enough to make their kitchen look good. This is not the case however, people need to think about accent lighting and task lighting as well. Another area that needs attention of the owner during renovation of kitchen is the ventilation. Nobody wants to smell stale air in the house that lingers because of your last night cooking. It makes a bad impression no matter how well your kitchen looks. So plan for wall mounted vents, exhausts and ductwork, so that bad odor can find its way out. This will make your kitchen smell good, clean and healthier.

Finally, manage your trash well. It looks horrible if your trash bin can be easily spotted in your kitchen. Waste management needs special attention during the renovation of the kitchen. Make sure you use bin with lids and they are concealed behind cabinet doors to make your kitchen look neat and attractive.